The Skygold Project is located within the largest producing placer gold regions in British Columbia, the Cariboo Placer Region which was the highest producing placer gold camp in British Columbia and still is to this day.


The Skygold Property is located approximately 25 kilometers southeast of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, within the Omineca Mining Division.  The Property consists of 3 mineral claims totaling 5,732 hectares, which have exploration potential for certain types of gold deposits, as evidenced by historical and recent exploration conducted on the Property.

The Property lies within the Quesnel Terrane, part of the Intermontane Belt, a composite of low metamorphic grade magmatic arc segments of mixed oceanic and continental affinities, and oceanic plates, which amalgamated to the North American continental margin in the Early Jurassic Period.  The claim area is underlain by Triassic-Jurassic marine black sedimentary rocks, volcaniclastics and volcanics of the Nicola Group which are intruded by granitic rocks of the St. Marie Plutonic Suite.


Massive land package covers area over 57 Square Kilometres.

1.5 kilometre x 1.2 kilometre gold in soil up to 1,627 ppb gold. 

High gold grain count in till anomalies.

Multiple potential sources for gold at surface in soil and in till anomalies.

Area recognized to have high potential for hosting gold and copper deposits

Skygold Project Map.jpg

Gold Tree 2019 Sampling Program 

Heading 1

Gold Grains No 19.jpg

Till Sample N0. 19

Till Sample N0. 15

Gold Grains No 15.jpg

Till Sample N0. 15

Gold Tree Resources sampling campaign confirmed historic elevations of gold occurring in soil and till. Further investigation has provided indications on the potential source location for the gold by analyzing the gold grains angularity. The more angular, the closer to the source.

Gold Tree is currently planning follow up work leading up to a planned drilling campaign. 

Historical exploration and 2019 exploration activities completed by Gold Tree Resources Ltd. have successfully outlined two  areas of anomalous gold-in-soil and gold-in-till  geochemistry. The source(s) of the anomalous gold have not yet been discovered and form the bases of exploration targeting on the Property.  Two exploration targets, herein designated soil anomaly “A” and soil anomaly “B” warrant further exploration.  The Skygold Property has potential to host one or more structurally-hosted gold-quartz vein deposits, sediment-hosted vein deposits and/or porphyry copper - gold deposits.

Heading 1

Gold in Soils 

goil in soil Anom A.jpg

Skygold's Gold soil

1.5 kilometre by 1.2 kilometre gold in soil anomaly.

Unusually wide and highly elevated gold anomaly in soil.

Source of gold in soil anomaly has not been determined.

GOLD TREE is utilizing proven exploration techniques to identify the source or sources of gold.


Area has been recognized to have high potential for hosting gold and copper deposits.